MCH 100 Members in 100 Days Tour: Part 2

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Update from Tribal Organizing: A Direction Forward

Ahneen! LeAnn Littlewolf nindizhinikaaz zhaganaashiimowin. Gaa-Zagaskwaajimekaag nindonjibaa. Ma’iingan nindoodem.  (My name in English is LeAnn Littlewolf. I come from Leech Lake. I belong to the Wolf Clan).  These were some of the first words I learned in my Anishinaabe language.  As a young woman, my language was the core piece to connect and reclaim my […]

Tribal Organizing in Northeast Minnesota

I’m happy to share the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless launched its Northeast tribal organizing work this summer. American Indians in Minnesota are persistently over-represented in homeless counts, only 1% of the state population yet 11% of the homeless adult population and 20% of the homeless youth population.  (Here’s a link to the Wilder Research […]