Homeless outreach during deadly cold snap

Outreach workers are asking for help to find the homeless during the deadly cold snap headed to Minnesota. Homeless people often find refuge hidden from the public – living in the woods, parks, shacks, even cars.  In the face of such dangerous temperatures, outreach workers need tips to find where people are staying.

If anyone sees a person who needs help getting out of the cold, or signs that someone might be living outside, they should call an outreach hotline:

Duluth Outreach Hotline: 218-461-8505 (24 hours)

Minneapolis Outreach Team612-879-7624

Thanks to a tip from the public in Duluth, outreach workers found a man who for days had been trapped in a snowed-in shed.  He was treated for frostbite and is in a shelter now.  Several homeless people found outside were staying with their cats or dogs; shelters typically do not allow pets.

The public also can help by donating gas cards, propane, pet food, firewood, and cash to local homeless shelters. Overnight shelters will be open during the day on Sunday and Monday; shelters are full across the state but are not turning people way.