Rochester Schools homeless liaison Melissa Brandt wrote an illuminating piece about homeless students and the role of government and individuals in meeting their needs. Did you know public schools had a homeless liaison? As the homeless liaison, Melissa Brandt helps assist those kids and their families experiencing homelessness. Brandt eloquently stated:

“Honestly, most of the time it feels like I’m shoveling sand. I’m able to enlighten a few people, but most of the sand falls off the sides of the shovel. I need a bigger shovel. I need an army of people who understand what homelessness is and what it looks like, and together we can educate the rest of the community. So, here I am, reaching out to people who I know can make a difference. You are my bigger shovel. Let’s discuss the basics. Let’s answer the questions you are afraid to ask. Let’s talk about what all this has to do with a teacher’s job in the classroom. Let’s create change.”

This piece is definitely worth reading. Find the article here: The New Face of Homelessness by Melissa Brandt

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