Emergency shelters, encampments and needed investments

Housing instability affects Minnesotans across urban, suburban and rural areas of the state. On any given night, there are 20,000 Minnesotans experiencing homelessness with significant over-representation of Black, Indigenous and People of Color. With advocates, partners and members organizations, together we are making progress across the state to increase the availability of temporary and permanent […]

Fridays with Fatima Volume 7

Friends, Keep reading to get the full Fridays with Fatima while it’s hot! Legislative Recess Lawmakers have been on spring break in their districts and meeting with Homes for All members. Things continue to move quickly at the legislature, and the last committee deadline is on Friday, April 20, 2018 at midnight. Several committees schedules have been posted […]

The New Face of Homelessness

Rochester Schools homeless liaison Melissa Brandt wrote an illuminating piece about homeless students and the role of government and individuals in meeting their needs. Did you know public schools had a homeless liaison? As the homeless liaison, Melissa Brandt helps assist those kids and their families experiencing homelessness. Brandt eloquently stated: “Honestly, most of the […]