Welcome to the MCH Board, Gordy!

We are excited to announce our newest MCH Board Member, Gordon (Gordy) Collins! Keep reading to learn more about him.

1) What is your role at Allianz?
  • I have been at Allianz near 12 years, the entire time in Sales Distribution area. My role currently is that of Sales Enablement – I lead a team of individuals who are representative of each of our Distribution channels – What that means is my team attempts to enable the respective sales teams to do more selling. We leverage data, analytics, technology, and many other resources throughout Allianz to influence business planning and also the execution of strategy.
2) What inspired you to do the work you are doing?
  • With Allianz (my 9-5): I started in the Financial Services industry after graduating from College in 2003 without knowing anything about the stock market. I learned a tremendous amount very quickly and since has been something I have known and makes sense to me.
  • If my housing work (my 5-9): The inspiration came from realizing that naturally occurring affordable housing in MPLS seemed to be quickly gentrifying. I saw this as an opportunity. In addition, having grown up in Minneapolis and having the experiences that I was lucky enough to have, I understood that everyone is not given the same opportunity to succeed. In partnering with the local nonprofit organizations who specialize in transitional housing I quickly became recognized as a building owner who was more likely to consider someone for housing when they typically may not be considered. I truly believe in second chances and I also understand that having a home is a critical foundational aspect for someone to regain a sense of pride. Without a sense of pride, I believe it can be very difficult to strive toward sustainability and independence.
3) Why did you choose to be on MCH’s board?
  • For a number of years now I have felt like I should really find an opportunity to give back to the community. I was raised in South MPLS in the Seward neighborhood by parents who were both in healthcare – my mother a psychiatric nurse and my father a psych/chemical dependency administrator. Very early on I saw the opportunity to help others who either needed help or maybe weren’t as fortunate. Fast forward to the last five years of my LLC partnering with local nonprofit organizations in transitional housing resulting in a real sense of giving back, accomplishment and execution of what I saw as opportunities growing up. The MCH Board Opportunity came about due to the friendship I have with Senta and is something I told Senta that I think I could potentially help with.
4) What does having a ‘home’ mean to you?
  • Stability, security, warmth and a foundation to build upon.
5) Something interesting and fun about you.
  • I have been married for 12 years to my fantastic wife Erika. We have two great kids, Arthur and Annabel ages five and three. We live in South Minneapolis Lynnhurst neighborhood.
  • I’ve played ice hockey my entire life. Attended boarding school at the age of 15 and never moved back home after I left. Played hockey in college as well.
  • I was named after my 96-year-old grandfather, Gordon Hansen. He has been a role model for me my entire life and I still spend as much time with him as I possibly can. My son Arthur’s middle name is Gordon as well.
  • I am the oldest of four kids in my family
  • I used to have shoulder length hair (ha)
  • I practice yoga 4-5 times per week

Join us in welcoming Gordy!