I Vote, You Vote, We Vote!

My name is Carmel San Juan and I’m an intern with the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless this semester. I’m registered to vote tomorrow — are you? Keep reading for more information and FAQs about voting in Minnesota.

We need your advocacy! Your vote matters.

Are you ready to vote this Tuesday, November 6th? The time is now, especially for our fight to increase affordable housing!

How to know if you’re registered to vote:

Not registered?

Are you experiencing homelessness and don’t know what address to put on your registration?

  • You can register to vote using the location/address of where you sleep.
  • See details here to check whether you need to go to a polling location with someone who can confirm your address.

Don’t know who’s on your ballot?

Do you know about your voting rights?

I hope to see you at the polls! Remember  — your voice and vote matters. We need you to vote for more housing stability and affordable housing across the state.