Matt Traynor


Before joining the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless as our full-time director of organizing, Matt completed his degree in Youth and Family Ministry where he took a position as a Youth Director at a church in Red Wing. During his spare time, he was able to do some organizing around equity issues within the community and fell in love with organizing. From 2012 – 2017, Matt worked as the Community Organizer at CHUM in Duluth. After moving to Duluth Matt connected with others working to end homelessness and has been part of multiple successful organizing campaigns. In 2014 he received the Steve O’Neil Outstanding Organizer Award. Outside of organizing, Matt loves hanging with his family (especially his nephew), friends, and spending time doing introverted things like reading, watching movies, and going outside during the non-winter months.

Matt will serve as the Interim Executive Director until further notice. His permanent title is Director of Advocacy.