Laquita Love-Limo

Laquita Love-Limo (she/her) currently resides in Suburban Metro; she is originally from Mississippi (the Delta Area) and is a mom to a brilliant 13-year-old. In her spare time, she likes to take her daughter on little adventures like zip-lining or touring caves. When she is not adventure-seeking with her daughter, she likes doing things with her church small group. Laquita is a member of SHIP (Stable Housing is Priority) Collaborative, a group whose goal is to create reform within the homeless response system. She has helped to facilitate SHIP’s TC-RKT. In 2022 Laquita was recognized with the 2022 Catalyst Award from Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. She is passionate about ending homelessness and equity. The communities that support her are the communities that have had experience with homelessness or housing instability and the SMAC community (suburban metro area continuum of care). Laquita is most proud of the fact that she went from being homeless in SMAC to being the CoC coordinator for SMAC.