Kirsten Rokke

Kirsten serves as the Director of Communications and Events with the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. From 2014-2021 Kirsten worked with MCH in various roles, the most recent one being the Director of Communications. Kirsten worked with Goff Public, a public relations firm in Saint Paul, until May of 2023, where she started working with her own clients in communication in a public relations capacity.

One of the most successful efforts in her career was assisting in the creation of a statewide narrative around housing stability and economic security that prioritized person-centered messaging and storytelling. Kirsten draws from a professional background at the intersection of strategic communications and public policy, and she has successfully helped organizations, companies, and nonprofits tell powerful stories that result in positive outcomes.

She is a purpose-driven leader eager to pair her passion for messaging and framing, content for digital campaigns, and communications to the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless communications needs.

Kirsten lives in Saint Paul and enjoys sparkling water, traveling, and Taylor Swift.