“Sleep Out” Fundraiser Update

A Note from our Development Director, Chelsea McFarren:

Under the leadership of National Honor Society Advisor, Jason Haugen of St Anthony Village High School (SAVHS), over 100 students will participate in a “sleep out” to raise awareness surrounding the homeless crisis in Minnesota.  This is not the first time that SAVHS has participated in this event, as this year marks the fourth year that SAVHS has “slept out” during the month of January in support of the homeless community.  This year, however, holds extra weight with the recent focus on the encampments in Minnesota, and students are hoping to turn that conversation and visibility into action. On the evening of January 25th, these students will sleep outside of their high school after pledging and raising funds in support of the homeless community in Minnesota through the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. If you’d like to contribute to their fundraiser, please click here. Your gifts are very appreciated and so important! 

Throughout the evening, students huddle together, socialize over a fire and field questions from other participating teachers and police officers who also stop by to lend their support.
We are inspired by their commitment and honored to be the recipient of this meaningful fundraiser.
To learn more about how to be connected with the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless check out our website. Our Homeless Day on the Hill registration is open! Click here and register now.