Protect Our Homes is in Washington D.C.!

MCH’s Executive Director, Senta Leff, is in Washington D.C. this week on behalf of Protect Our Homes. She is meeting with lawmakers and sharing the importance of housing stability.

A note from Senta:

I brought the Protect Our Homes message to 14 legislators yesterday! Leaders have already begun debates on an affordable housing funding bill. The House seeks to cut $487 million, resulting in a loss of more than 140,000 housing vouchers for families. The Senate has rejected the House’s proposal and aims to fund housing programs at current levels. But despite the Senate’s position, 60,000 vouchers are at risk of being lost if housing resources at HUD don’t see added investments.

Your voice resonates with lawmakers – help them understand that where we live impacts everything. Tweet them, write them, and call them. Click here for action steps, and click here to endorse the campaign.


Senta Leff, MCH’s Executive Director, posing in front of Rhode Island’s Senator Jack Reed’s office in honor of our Director Public Policy, Fatima Moore, who lived in Rhode Island for the first seven years of her time in the states.

Protect Our Homes is a national nonpartisan campaign that supports lifting the low federal spending caps and increasing investments in programs at HUD that provide housing and economic stability for everyone.

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