Prosperity for All Legislation Clears Hurdle

We have exciting news from the State Capitol! On March 10, the bill to increase MFIP cash assistance by $100/month was approved unanimously in the Senate Health and Human Services committee. If it is included in the final budget deal, this will be the first MFIP increase since 1986. You can watch a clip from the committee hearing here (starts at 28min). Caitlin Magistad, a case manager at Wilder Foundation, stated in her testimony:

I recently asked the parents I work with a simple question (pause): How would $100 help your family? The responses were simple, but speak volumes: At the top of the list, an extra $100/month would help parents with transportation and laundry expenses. School supplies and school uniforms. Work uniforms. Shoes, socks, and underwear. Cleaning and hygiene supplies.

Think about having to choose between attending your child’s school conferences or having gas or bus fare to get to work the next day.

Think about having to choose between enrolling your child in after school activities or paying the phone bill. These things may sound small to us as adults, but the are momentous occasions for children.

In the coming weeks, lawmakers will be putting together final budget proposals that need to be passed by the House and Senate and signed by Governor Dayton. The bill to increase MFIP will be considered in the broader package. We’re on the right track but there is still work ahead to make the case for a $100/month boost.

Thank you for your support, advocacy, phone calls to lawmakers and the Governor, and commitment to ensuring every Minnesotan has a safe, decent, affordable place to call home.