Make Your Voice Heard: H4A Action Needed!


Friends –
Thank you for the calls you have made this legislative session to ensure the Homes for All agenda made it into conference committees! We would not have gotten to this place without your advocacy.
As legislative session moves forward, we gear up for our bills to go through conference committee. The senate and house will vote on the proposed budgets, and lastly, it will be sent to the Governor’s office. The Governor will approve or veto the proposal. Here’s where we need your help!

We need 100+ calls, emails, letters and/or personal meetings to current leadership to make it easy for them to say yes to Homes for All! 

Please contact:
  • The Health and Human Services (HHS) Conference Committee members (listed out in the script and below) and ask that they advocate for programs that strengthen Minnesota’s Housing Continuum
    • Programs include: Emergency Services program, Transitional Housing Program, the Long-Term Homeless Support Services Fund, and Housing with Supports for Adults with Serious Mental Illness
  • The leadership to develop a bonding bill that includes $100 million dollars for building and preserving affordable housing

HHS Conference Committee members:

  • Senator Benson (31)
  • Senator Abeler (35)
  • Senator Housley (39)
  • Senator Utke (02)
  • Senator Lourey (11)
  • Rep. Dean (38B)
  • Rep. Albright (55B)
  • Rep. Kiel (01B)
  • Rep. Schultz (07A)
  • Rep. Schomacker (22A)
After contacting these lawmakers in leadership, please let Matt know!
If you want to write a Letter to the Editor, please find this document to guide and help you. Reach out to Kirsten Rokke ( with questions about the communication pieces you need.
Thank you for your ongoing advocacy and support!

**Note: we will continue to update the script provided above as we know whether the MHFA provisions are included in the Agriculture or Jobs Committee. The MHFA items include: down payment assistance, the CLASS Act, and the Housing Trust Fund. We will also be asking that they OPPOSE the one time cut to Challenge fund in the fiscal year of 2019 of $12.925 million.

**Note: Please be looking for another update on our Prosperity for All’s Working Family Credit and MFIP action asks as well.