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Every child should have a home to do their homework. Everyone should have a home where they can rest at night. Nobody should be left out in the cold.

The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (MCH) works to ensure that everyone has a place to call home. We achieve our mission and vision through advocacy inside the Capitol (lobbying), outside the Capitol (organizing) and in the media (messaging). With our partners, MCH has advocated for state funds to build or preserve over 13,000 units of affordable housing, and cultivated over $390M in legislative wins for housing stability across the state.

In 2019, MCH advocated and won a $3Mil one-time investment to the Emergency Services Program, and received an increase to the Minnesota Family Investment Program by $100/month — the first time since 1986. With your advocacy, we’ve moved upstream to improve economic policy for families living in deep poverty.

Your gift to MCH invests in concrete policy change. Whether it’s advocacy for affordable housing or raising assistance levels for families experiencing homelessness, your support helps thousands of Minnesotans access shelter, housing, and support.

Homelessness looks different across the state. According to the 2018 Wilder Homeless Study, 45% of Minnesota’s unsheltered population was living in Greater MN. Two of the MCH staff members live in Greater MN. With traveling across the state to learn more about homelessness in different parts of Minnesota, and creating our legislative agenda from these different conversations, your gift fuels statewide solutions to end homelessness. As we gear up toward a bold 2020 legislative session, your contribution is more important than ever.

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