Funding Opportunity w/ MHF Grants

Hi Advocates,
Good news! Sue Haigh from the Minnesota Homeless Fund has clarified that the fund will accept proposals submitted on 1/7/2020 for funding through this project.
Check out the website for more information: If you would like to submit a project proposal to expand shelter and outreach this winter, please submit your form online through January 7, 2020.
I want to be sure you are aware of a new funding opportunity. The Minnesota Homeless Fund (MHF) was developed by the Governor and Lt. Governor in collaboration with the private sector and philanthropic partners. This fund will help create new opportunities to bring people indoors that are currently unsheltered. Approximately $5M has been raised. I’m excited to be serving on the MN Homeless Fund Advisory Committee.
Please go to: to apply for funding. If you would like to submit a project proposal to expand shelter and outreach this winter, please submit your form online by January 7, 2020.
Some of the funders who are investing in the Minnesota Homeless Initiative will make grants directly to project sponsors and will connect with them without going through the MHF. Other investors will make investments directly to the MHF and the MHF Advisory Committee will guide the distribution of these funds. We are aware of over $8M in current project opportunities/funding gaps to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness this winter in our state and expect that we will learn more through this proposal process. The MHF Advisory Committee will meet on January 9, 2020 to review project proposals and distribute MHF grants.
The MHF Advisory Committee will consider the following criteria in awarding funds to project proposers:
  • the capacity of the project proposer to expend the funds immediately to meet shelter and outreach needs this winter
  • specific populations served (individuals, families, youth, etc.)
  • project fills gaps where need is greatest (# of people served, vulnerability of people who are unsheltered, absence of safety-net capacity, etc.)
  • geographic distribution of funds to meet statewide needs
  • projects in the Twin Cities Metro Region are consistent with the Unsheltered Homelessness Design Team Recommendations
  • culturally specific services
  • sustainability of the project after one-time funds are expended

Reminder: submit your project proposal before January 7th for consideration here: If you are having difficulty submitting this form through the website, please submit the project proposal form directly to in a PDF.

MCH will continue to advocate for funding to create and support shelter options as well as supporting the Homes for All agenda that seeks $500M in bonds to preserve and create safe, decent, affordable housing.
Thank you for all you do to make a difference,
Rhonda Otteson
Executive Director