Fridays with Fatima Volume 8

We’re halfway through the legislative session and MCH has been busy at the Capitol! Keep reading for a few updates from the week.
The Budget Targets
In February, a $329 million projected budget surplus was announced.  On Thursday evening, the House Ways and Means committee voted on budget targets for committees.
How do budget targets work? Budget targets are proposed by the Ways and Means Committee and are used by committee chairs to set their budgets.  These targets instruct committee chairs on how much of the surplus, if any, their committee can spend. For example, the House has a $10 million target in which the chair has to compile bills which add up to that dollar amount. The only committee that received a negative target, therefore a cut, is State Government.  However, there are many bills moving through the budget process and competing for a seemingly small surplus.  To learn even more about the budget process, read this!
House Health and Human Services Hearing!
On Tuesday evening, Homes for All advocates filled the room in support of  H.F. 3402 (Homes for All HHS bill) in Representative Dean’s HHS committee. Testifiers of the bill spoke to the need for increased investments and supportive services for long-term Minnesotans experiencing homelessness. The bill was laid aside for possible inclusion in an omnibus HHS bill.  Click here to watch Daris Nordby, community advocate, testify in support of Homes for All’s HHS bill.


Renters’ Credit Update

Legislation to protect Minnesota renters from cuts to the Renters’ Credit will have hearings in the Legislature next week!

  • House File 4183, authored by Representative Diane Loeffler, prevents Minnesota seniors, people with disabilities, and families with dependents from seeing a cut in the Renters’ Credit. This bill is being heard by the House Property Tax and Local Government Finance Division on Tuesday.
  • Governor Dayton’s tax proposal also would prevent cuts to the Renters’ Credit and will be heard in legislative tax committees starting next week. More to come!
What’s Next?
The next few weeks will be ramping up as omnibus budget bills are compiled and additional hearings are scheduled. We should expect the Senate to reveal their targets very soon. In addition, the Capital Investment committee will also have more hearings scheduled and the Homes for All bonding bill will be heard soon.
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