Fridays with Fatima – Volume 3

Week three at the Capitol was fast paced and successful.  Read below to find out more about this past week with MCH and Homes for All!

Homeless Day on the Hill

Advocates showed up and engaged with lawmakers on Homeless Day on the Hill! I have heard from many lawmakers since Tuesday, that they were impressed with the passionate advocacy everyone showed on Tuesday. Talking to lawmakers can feel intimidating, even for people who do it regularly.  However, you all led your lawmaker meetings with passion and urgency.  THANK YOU!

Double Hearings!
The TWO committee hearings went extremely well.  Although the snowstorm made it difficult for some to attend Homeless Day on the Hill, we were still able to support our fellow advocates at both committee hearings.  You can watch the House Bonding hearing here, and the Senate Homelessness hearing here.


Homes for All MHFA and HHS Bills Are Moving Along
Our collective work is moving along quite well! This week, members of the Homes for All Policy team worked to secure chief authors and sponsors of our MHFA and HHS bills and submitted them to be heard for the first time in both chambers (House and Senate).  I had a wonderful meeting with Rep. Pierson from Rochester (R, 26B) on Thursday, who voiced support of our HHS request.  As we receive more bill numbers we will be sure to share them with you. Here is one we have:
Renters’ Credit Update
Last week, House Taxes Committee took public testimony about the state’s response to the federal tax bill. Multiple testifiers, including our friends at the Minnesota Budget Project, spoke to the importance of protecting the state’s property tax refunds for renters (the Renters’ Credit) and homeowners. Because of interactions between state and federal taxes, Minnesota policymakers should act this year so that the federal tax law doesn’t have the unintended consequence of cutting the Renters’ Credit.
What’s Next?
The Policy Team will be working to get hearings for all Homes for All bills recently introduced.  Be on the lookout for ways to help advocate for them with your Representatives and Senators.

Thanks for ALL you Do!





Fatima Moore