Fridays with Fatima 2019 V6

Hi all,

I hope you’ve had a productive week! Here’s what happened this week…

The One Minnesota Vision

The Walz and Flanagan administration released their inaugural budget this week. The much-anticipated budget is the blueprint of the administration’s priorities for the 2020-21 biennium and will be used as a starting point of negotiations between the Governor’s office and leaders within the House and Senate. The priorities articulated in the budget span many state agencies and departments with total spending of  $49.5 billion and also advocates for a $1.27 billion bonding bill to be passed this session. Amongst the priorities included, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency and the Department of Human Services received financial allocations.

Budgetary Recommendations Related to Affordable Housing and Supportive Service

Commissioner Ho, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, presented the agency’s budget to the House of Representative Housing committee on Wednesday. The agency’s budget focuses on “data-driven, evidence-based, cost-effective solutions,” leveraging funding from the private and public sectors, and closely aligns with goals identified by The Governor’s Task Force on Housing, Ho said.  You can watch the budget presentation here.

RESTORE the Vote Hearing

On Tuesday, supporters of H.F. 40, which would restore voting rights to a person released from incarceration and no longer on probation. The bill is chief authored by Representative Dehn and has received bi-partisan support. Many people experiencing homelessness are marred by their past interactions with the criminal justice system and find it difficult to gain jobs, a place to call home and other societal sanctions. Restoring voting rights is an avenue toward fair and equitable housing access. The bill was referred to Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Finance and Policy Division and is awaiting action.  To support this initiative, check out The Second Chance Coalition website.

Affordable Housing and the Federal Spending Bill

The federal government passed a spending bill that would fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year 2019. The bill allocates $12 million over the president’s request. Read more about it here.  

Until next week!