Fridays with Fatima 2019 V5

Hi all,
I hope you are having a great week!
What I am looking forward to next week
Governor Walz is expected to release his budget next week! The budget will be the blueprint for the administration’s priorities and highlight where energy and resources will be directed towards. Once the budget is released, Commissioners will begin presenting their agency’s budget in respective committees. Commissioner Ho, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, will be presenting MHFA’s budget in the House and Senate on Wednesday.
Homes for All Group Meeting
If you weren’t planning on it, I encourage you to attend the Homes for All full group meeting on Thursday. Information about the meeting can be found here.
Homes for All Health and Human Services Request
Our HHS bill package was introduced this week and is House File 1043. As was shared last week, Representative Cantrell is the chief author of the bill and is enthusiastic about the provisions in the bill. The Senate version is still being finalized and will be introduced in the coming weeks. Until then, please show your support of the bill by thanking our chief author and co-sponsors. Information on who else is sponsoring the bill can be found under the “Authors” section in the link above.
Copyright Minnesota House of Representatives. A fish-eye view of the Capitol Rotunda. | Photo by Paul Battaglia – for pic attached.