Fridays with Fatima 2019 V2

First Full Week of Session is Under Wraps
Hi all!
The first full week of session has wrapped up! It’s been exciting seeing numerous new faces walking the halls of our Capitol; numerous diverse folks have engaged in creating public policies that are responsive to our community’s needs. On Thursday I met a young Ph.D. student interning with a Senator’s office and was encouraged to hear his focus is the intersection of housing and health. Without a doubt, housing is a social determinant of one’s health and when invested ineffectively can change lives.
Amongst the many new faces at the Capitol are four first-term members of the House of Representatives Housing Finance and Policy Division committee. This creates a wonderful opportunity to cultivate and strengthen affordable housing champions. If you haven’t done so yet, welcoming them with a short note would be wonderful. But first, Representative Alice Hausman has been a long-standing housing champion and she would love to hear from you!

 1st Term Members in the Housing Committee 

Homes for All Hearing in the House of Representative & Press Conference 1/23
On Wednesday 1/23, at 8am, we will be sharing our 2019/20 legislative agenda in the House of Representatives! We have a collective goal of including more people with lived experience in all aspects of the coalition and public policy process. Several people with lived experience will be sharing their stories via live testimony and video.
At 11am, we will also conduct a press conference in the Capitol press room.
Contact me if you want more information on either/both.
Our MFIP legislation is gaining traction in both chambers.  Representative Kunesh-Podein is our chief author in the House! As the session progresses we will need all hands on deck to push this proposal over the finish line. Send her a quick thanks for her support!
Thank you for your continued support!
Until next week,