Fridays with Fatima 2019 v14

Good Afternoon! 
With less than four and a half weeks to go, policymakers are feeling the pressures of successfully moving bills off the Senate and House floors. The Legislative session is slated to end on May 20th, and we have seen marathon floor sessions this week as parties attempt to demonstrate their abilities to execute fillibusters, present dozens of amendments and make last-minute pushes to get their priorities included in omnibus bills.
As of today, the House of Representatives has passed several omnibus bills including the Jobs and Taxes. The House Health and Human Services finance bill was debated for more than nine hours on Thursday and passed 74-55.  The  Agriculture/Housing Omnibus bill was voted today with a 99-28 vote. Omnibus bills passed on the House floor await the Senate’s version and leadership’s appoint of conferees and budget targets.
The Senate will be debating the Agriculture/Housing and Health and Human Services Omnibus bills on the floor next.  Check out the last Fridays with Fatima blog to be reminded of what is included in the House and Senate Omnibus bills.
The House and Senate chambers have until May 1st to pass all major finance bills off their respective floors and leadership will appoint conference committees 
Important deadlines to be mindful of:
  • Wednesday, May 1 — the House and Senate will pass all major finance bills off their respective floors and leadership will appoint conference committees.
  • Monday, May 6 — the governor, Senate majority leader and House speaker will provide fiscal targets to the chairs of conference committees on major finance bills.
  • Monday, May 13 — conference committee chairs shall provide completed conference committee reports to the house of origin.

Rep. Tina Liebling, chair of the House Health and Human Services Finance Division, presents the omnibus health and human services finance bill on the House Floor April 25. Photo by Andrew VonBank

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