COVID19 Funding Response Application Process

The following funding will be available from the State of Minnesota (or designee) to address the COVID-19 needs in Minnesota:
  • $26.5M for Emergency Services Grants
  • $5.5M for Housing Supports
  • $6.2M for Military Veterans
  • $9M for Food Shelf Programs
  • $11M for Tribal Nations Grant
*For a more extensive description of these funds click here

The MN Heading Home Alliance website will be updated periodically with more information:.

If you have any questions about the application or funding process, please contact Katelyn Warburton (


A Note from theOffice of Economic Opportunity, Department of Human Service

This note is to announce COVID-19 Emergency Response Funds that are now available through the Department of Human Services, Emergency Services Program.

The survey for COVID-19 Emergency Response Funds and corresponding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are linked here:

Funds can be used to:

  1. Maintain or expand shelter capacity that promotes health and safety and quarantine options,
  2. Purchase hygiene and sanitation supplies so providers can comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, and
  3. Support staffing needs for homeless service programs to maintain and hire staff necessary to protect the health and wellness of participants and staff.

Recipients of these funds DO NOT need to be current Emergency Services Program (ESP) grantees, nor do they have to be current grantees of any funding from the Department of Human Services, or the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO). Funding can be requested by:

  1. A Tribal Government,
  2. A Local Unit of Government, or
  3. A Non-profit Organization.

Providers applying for these funds must target persons experiencing homelessness (including those who are literally homeless or doubled-up).

Surveys should include funding requests based on a 30-day estimate (to the best of your ability) of COVID-19 response related expenses. Requests will be received on a rolling basis, and multiple submissions are allowed. The survey will ask questions about the level of funding you need and the activities/supplies you plan to implement/purchase. All the questions that you will need to answer in the survey are available in PDF form, as a reference, at the same site as the survey —we encourage you to review these questions and prepare any materials prior to starting the survey, as you are unable to save along the way.

If funding is approved, funds will be sent to the provider within approximately two-three weeks of survey submission. Funds can cover expenses from April 1, 2020 and beyond (i.e. funds cannot be used to cover any expenses incurred prior to April 1, 2020). Funds must be expended by February 1, 2021, or until 60 days after expiration of the peacetime emergency declared by Governor Walz in an Executive Order that relates to the infectious disease known as COVID-19, whichever occurs first.

Please direct any questions about the survey, eligibility, funding process, etc. to Katelyn Warburton ( The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) team will work as quickly as possible to provide a response.