Complete our end-of-session Action Alert!

As we enter the final stretch of this year’s Legislative Session, it’s time to ramp up our efforts and build urgency at the Capitol. We need to build momentum and make our voices heard! As a DOTH participant,  the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless feels you would be interested in completing our new Action Alert.

Follow this link to a form that will have all the info you need to know to reach out to your representatives, as well as the members of the Health and Human Services conference committee. Your voice will help encourage these representatives to prioritize the critical investments that will help ensure every Minnesotan has a safe and accessible home.

Some things to highlight:

  • You are encouraged to personalize these messages with your own experiences and examples, if you are comfortable sharing. It helps a lot to hear specific stories to make lawmakers feel the urgency of the need.
  • In addition to the email, we ask that you make two quick phone calls to Senator Jim Abeler and Representative Jen Schultz to stress the critical need of these investments. The phone numbers as well as a phone script are available on the Action Alert page.
  • Once you complete the action, you will be directed to a confirmation page where you will see icons for Facebook & Twitter. If you click the icons, you will be able to share this important action on your own facebook or twitter page.

 Thanks so much for advocating with us through this very important action!