Action Needed: Ask Governor Dayton to Raise MFIP Cash Assistance

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Governor Dayton is putting together his 2016 budget proposal. We’re asking 100 people to call the Governor and ask him to increase MFIP cash assistance by $100 per month.

It’s easy to call and leave a voicemail or message with a staffer:  651-201-3400 or 800-657-3717

Hi, my name is _____________________ and I live in (city).

It’s been 30 years since MFIP cash assistance for low-income families has been increased. I’m calling to encourage Governor Dayton and his administration to increase MFIP cash assistance by $100 per month. Thank you. 

MFIP provides temporary cash assistance to 70,000 low-income children and their parents throughout the state. On average, monthly MFIP assistance is only $348 per family and has not changed since 1986.

Once you have made your call, please email Atom Robinson to let him know: We’re keeping track!

Thank you for your important advocacy.