A grateful farewell

Dear Friends, 

After 14 years with the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless, the past six as its executive director, it is time for me to move on — I will be leaving in June.

While some see their work as a marathon and others as a sprint, I’ve always viewed my role at MCH as a relay: grateful for previous runners who set a strong pace; working with every step to make up time for the ones who had headwinds, poor conditioning, or a tough course to slow them down; and striving to ensure the one after me will be positioned to do very well.

There have been many hard fights and beautiful wins these past six years. We have proven time and again that working together we get more done.  We’ve built the infrastructure and power necessary to move bold ideas through the legislature. We’ve formed lifelong friendships and given birth to a new optimism that housing stability for all Minnesotans is within reach.

It is hard to leave people I care about so much and a fight I believe in so strongly when there are people sleeping in fish houses and cars and on church basement floors tonight.  But it is time for a new leader to bring momentum to our collective success and fresh ideas to old challenges.

As I prepare to leave, I am enormously proud of the staff, board, and members of the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless.   We’ve worked as a close-knit team.  I am 100% confident in their ability and in the infrastructure we’ve built together — and I look forward to celebrating their ongoing success.

MCH’s Vice President Janine Wenholz will chair the search committee. The job posting opens today and will close April 25th.  Thoughts or advice on the search or hiring process can be shared here.

Be assured MCH is in a strong place to transition to new leadership and with your continued support our best days are still ahead of us.  As any runner can attest, a fresh set of legs for the fourth stage of a marathon provides an enviable advantage.  For the work of ending homelessness, we must not miss any opportunity to finish strong.

On a personal note, I’m not sure what’s next for me.  My focus is on the 2015 Session and a seamless transition.  After June, I hope to read good books, get in some kayaking and hiking, and then find a way to work from a slightly different angle on my life’s purpose of getting people a fighting chance to achieve their full potential.

Thank you for your friendship and support these past many years.

With gratitude and much love,