Transitions at MCH and Hiring Our Next Communications Director

After more than five years at MCH, two senior staff, Kenza Hadj-Moussa and Dan Kitzberger, are saying goodbye. Kenza will move into the role of Communications Director at TakeAction Minnesota. Dan will be the Legislative Director for the Direct Care and Treatment Administration at the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Kenza started as an intern during the 2011 legislative session. Over the years, her responsibilities grew and she became our Communications and Development Director. She also served as Interim Executive Director during the summer of 2016. Not only did she secure the funds that allowed us to build up MCH to what it is today, she raised the profile of the organization and our issues in the media, at the capitol, and in the community. Her work transformed the way Minnesotans think and talk about homelessness, housing, and programs that serve low-income families.

Dan began his time at MCH shortly before the 2012 legislative session, which also happened to be the launch of the Homes for All campaign. After five years and almost $200 million in new funding for housing and programs, MCH is now a fixture at the legislature. Additionally, Homes for All is the go-to resource for housing-related issues throughout the state. Our work has allowed housing to become a nonpartisan, statewide issue that commands the attention of state lawmakers every year.

During Kenza and Dan’s time at MCH, we’ve been fortunate to build out smart and successful statewide campaigns that can outlast the work of any one or two people. In fact, it’s the people around us are what makes our work so special. While we’ll all miss Kenza and Dan, we’re excited about the work ahead.

MCH is hiring a communications director. We appreciate your help sharing the job posting. The deadline to apply is January 31, 2017. MCH will also hire a contract lobbyist during the 2017 legislative session.

Thank you for all your support.

Senta Leff

Executive Director