2014 Legislative Session: Advocacy Check List

The legislative session kicks off February 25, 2014. Governor Dayton is calling this year the “un-session.” We know it will be shorter than usual. Your advocacy is more important than ever in the coming weeks for two reasons. First, lawmakers need to know housing and economic opportunity are a priority this year–even on a short timeline. Second, Homes for All is advancing a record $100 million bill for housing. This is investment would build or preserve about 5,000 units across the state for individuals and families with extremely low incomes. Why is this bold agenda possible? Because you care and you advocate. We’re here to make advocacy as easy as possible for you, starting with this check list.

  • Do you know who represents you at the State Capitol?
    • Are you signed up for your legislators’ email updates?
    • Did you program your legislators’ phone number and email address in your phone?
    • Are you planning to attend a town hall meeting in your district?

[youtube id=”BaBlqsyz5l4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • Are you attending Homeless Day on the Hill on March 6?
  • If you’re part of an organization or community group, are you signed on to endorse the Homes for All and Prosperity for All campaigns?
  • Are you on the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless Action Alert email list?
  • Are you following the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless on Faceboook and Twitter?
  • Are you a sustaining donor? Consider supporting advocacy around the year at $10/month.

The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless legislative agenda includes: 1) $100 million in bonds for housing 2) Remove education and training barriers in MFIP and 3) Raise the Minimum Wage.

Want more ways to get involved? Contact katherine@mnhomelesscoalition.org.