11th Hour Updates from the Capitol

Public policy impacts people. We see how decisions made at the Legislature affect striving Minnesotans every day. Homelessness isn’t the problem. It’s the result of broken systems. Each year, we advocate for solutions to fix broken systems: homelessness prevention programs, more affordable housing, a stronger economic safety net.

Here’s what we know in the 11th hour of the Legislative Session:

The Good: The HHS bill passed early this morning. It includes a $9 million increase for Homes for All priorities including emergency shelter, the Homeless Youth Act, long-term supportive services, and housing with supports for adults with serious mental illness. Additional funding will provide critical housing services to over 1,000 Minnesotans experiencing homelessness.

The Bad: New funding for the Transitional Housing and the $100/mo. MFIP increase were not included in the final HHS budget. We came farther than ever before but the moving pieces didn’t come together in the final negotiations. This is extremely disappointing for the families who depend on MFIP assistance. There is a $2 billion surplus on the table but MFIP hasn’t increased since 1986. We know major legislation takes time and persistence and our work is not done. 

The Unfinished: We are still waiting for news on the other half of the Homes for All campaign. We’ll share what we hear ASAP.

Thank you for your tremendous support and advocacy! We couldn’t have made this progress without you.

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