Fridays with Fatima 2019 V8

Hi everyone,
I hope you’ve had a great week. It’s been very busy for us at MCH as we are ONE WEEK away from Homeless day on the Hill!! We are so excited to advocate with you next week.
Homeless Day on the Hill
Affordable housing is continuously gaining bi-partisan support at the legislature. The messages lawmakers are hearing from their constituents and advocates alike, is that every district in our state is experiencing some level of tension with homelessness and access to affordable housing. Although the exact needs vary depending on which part of the state you live in, the undeniable fact is that increasingly, Minnesotans are finding it harder and harder to find a home they can afford. In addition, due to the lack of available affordable homes, particular populations that been marginalized and under-resourced are feeling immense strains and are being pushed further into homelessness and abject poverty. We have the opportune time next week to speak to our policymakers at the legislature and impress upon them the importance of affordable housing AND the supportive services which help many Minnesotans access and keep their homes.
Click here to register today: Registering ahead of time secures your lawmaker visit and a packet of information. Registration closes at midnight tonight!

**Walk-ins welcome, but meetings and materials not guaranteed.

Minnesota Family Investment Program
On Wednesday H.F 799 (Kunesh-Podein) was heard in the House Health and Human Services Finance committee. The hearing included testimony from Tosheika Washington, a mother who accesses MFIP in Duluth, MN. Tosheika shared the importance of the MFIP program, the stability it provides and why an increase of $200 is also vital. As a reminder, MFIP has not seen an increase since 1986 and currently, a family accessing it receives $532 a month. If the program had kept up with inflation the monthly amount to families would be well over $1000 a month. Lt. Governor Flanagan met with advocates in the Governor’s reception room prior to the hearing and also shared her personal story with MFIP.

Thank you to everyone who attended, called and supported MFIP House hearing. The bill was laid over for possible inclusion– here is an article from the Pioneer Press.

Thanks, everyone — hope to see you at Homeless DOTH!