We hit our goal in under a week!

We hit our goal in under a week!

Our Journey to 5,000 “Likes” on Facebook!

By: Kirsten Rokke, MCH intern

 We are elated with our 5,000 Facebook likes: new friends and advocates to encourage each other towards our shared goal of housing stability for all Minnesotans. Let us recap our journey from 3,847 “likes” to 5,172 during one cold week in January.

I started as an intern with Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless, on January 20. Along with my tasks and responsibilities, my goals were to increase social media “likes” and “followers.” I was to go from 3,847 likes to 4,000 likes in my three months with MCH. I am pretty competitive and I took that task by storm and got up to 4,000 in one day! Along with some Facebook statuses from my friends, I also agreed to buy my friends a taco and we could “taco” bout what I do. It was very successful! The excitement was contagious!  A friendly competition was made between the staff of MCH, member programs, and friends. Likes came in and people got more creative in how they would ask for other friend’s support.

One friendly competition involved Executive Director, Liz Kuoppala to enter a half marathon. (She’s not a runner currently.) Nilsson proposed that by February 8th (Kuoppala’s birthday), whoever had the most friends that had accepted the invite to like MCH’s Facebook page will get to chose the charity race that Kuoppala and the one with the least friend’s accepting the invite partake in. (See inserted photo to the below for more details.)  Friendly “mud-slinging” involved promises of a muddy race if Steve Horsfield won the opportunity to pick the race.

Hitting 5,000 was a party wherever you were! Snapchats and screenshots of the “5,000” mark flew through cyberspace all over the state. It was exciting for the staff (and intern!) of MCH, but because of all the support shown through close friends and colleagues, it really was a celebration all around. We thank you all for your excitement and support! Let’s go for 6,000 “likes” (to get Liz training for a race) and work toward educating and informing everyone on solutions to homelessness in Minnesota! Next up, join us for the fun as we tackle the goal of 2,000 followers on Twitter!

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