Thank you for your advocacy! This year, a bonding bill passed that includes $37.5 million for affordable housing. Homes for All is a partnership of over 40 housing and homeless service organizations.

Representative Alice Hausman Thanks Housing Advocates

Legislative Update

May 2012


  • Bonds for Housing –  $35.5 million for housing/homelessness. Bonds for housing will be used to build and preserve affordable housing, rehabilitate public housing, and invest in supportive housing for homeless Minnesotans. ($30 million for housing infrastructure bonds; $5.5 million general obligation bonds for public housing rehabilitation; plus $2 million for construction of the Tubman Center East.)

Impact: Between 2,100 and 4,300 Minnesotans who lack stable housing will be served by this investment. Over 1,000 housing units will be built or rehabilitated.


Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) – Legislation that would reduce MFIP eligibility and cut families from assistance was introduced this session. MCH played a leadership role to defeat reforms that would:

  • Reduce MFIP lifetime eligibility from 60 months to 36 months
  • Cut MFIP after families reach 100 percent of poverty level (down from 115 percent)
  • Mandate drug screening and criminal background checks paid for by the applicant and deny assistance to families if the applicant had a drug offense in the past 10 years

Impact: Approximately 116,400 people are enrolled in MFIP each month; 81,400 are children.


  • Visible Child Workgroup – The Health & Human Services bill included the establishment of a work group to identify issues and recommend policies to improve the well being of homeless children.

Need: Approximately 3,900 children are homeless on any given night. Over 14,000 Minnesota children are homeless at least once over the course of the year.

  • Long-Term Homeless Supportive Services Fund — $200,000 restored for homeless services.

Need: Over 5,000 Minnesota children, youth, and adults experienced long-term homelessness in 2009.


Housing for Homeless Students Act

Housing for Homeless Students Act letter from Senator Al Franken.

Read the bill – Housing for Homeless Students Act.

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