**MCH is looking for new board members!** 

PDF of MCH Board Position Description
Please send out a resume and cover letter to Eden Fauré (eden@mnhomelesscoalition.org) if you are interested in becoming a Board Director for the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. Accepting applications through October 25, 2017.



The Board of Directors provides governance to the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (MCH), represents it to the community, and holds the ultimate legal authority for the organization. The Board of Directors establishes the mission, vision, and values of MCH; sets its strategic direction and priorities; monitors performance against agreed-upon goals and benchmarks; and hires, reviews the performance of, and sets the compensation of the Executive Director.

As individual stewards of the organization, board members have four primary fiduciary duties:

  • Duty of Care: Take reasonable care when making decisions for the organization.
  • Duty of Loyalty: Act in the best interest of the organization.
  • Duty of Obedience: Act in accordance with the organization’s mission.
  • Recusal: Stand aside when there is a conflict of interest.  

Individual board members also are MCH’s ambassadors to build goodwill and financial and community support.


  • Strategy. Approve MCH’s strategic direction, including vision, mission, goals, and strategies. Annually review and update the strategic plan as appropriate.
  • Personnel. Select, monitor, advise, support, and annually review the performance and set the compensation of the Executive Director.
  • Governance. Propose a slate of directors and officers and fill vacancies as needed. Annually review the performance of the Board and take steps to improve performance.
  • Financial. Ensure adequate financial resources. Protect assets and provide appropriate financial oversight. Adopt an annual budget and monitor financial performance. Review and understand reports about the organization’s financial position. Appoint independent auditors and review and accept the annual audit.
  • Fundraising. Shape, approve, and participate in implementing fundraising and earned revenue strategies.
  • Outreach. Promote MCH’s mission and goals to appropriate policy-making, philanthropic, and practice communities.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity.  Model and set expectations of high ethical standards and legal compliance.
  • Cultural Competency. Ensure MCH is invested and continuing to develop a racial equity analysis with the use of evidence-based tools such as the IDI model and other strategies to change the way we work and to impact policy change.

Term Requirements

Board members are elected to a two-year term, which may be renewed up to a maximum of three consecutive terms.  A board member who has served three consecutive two-year terms is eligible to serve again after being off the board for a minimum of one year.


  • Prepare for, attend and participate in-person or via conference call, 3 out of 4 committee and 3 out of 4 full Board meetings, and special events as able.
  • Serve on at least one committee of the board and take on special assignments as necessary and able.
  • Be informed about the organization’s mission, services, policies, and programs
  • Strive to raise or donate $2,000 per calendar year. Participate actively in one or more fundraising activities.
  • Promote MCH to stakeholders and potential allies.
  • Adhere to MCH’s Code of Conduct and conflict of interest and confidentiality policies.
  • Participate in self-evaluation of board performance.
  • Participate in setting the policy for the organization through:
    • Creating, updating, supporting and living out the mission and vision statements.
    • Determining the organization’s program and services.
    • Approving the strategic plan.
  • Take Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment, participate in discussions regarding cultural competency and racial equity, and help move MCH to becoming a more cultural competency organization.
  • Monitor the organization’s operations through:
    • Hiring and periodically evaluating the organization’s Executive Director.
    • Working with and providing support to the Executive Director.
    • Approving the annual budget, annual report, audit and corporate policies.
    • Approving major contracts and grants.
    • Reviewing program evaluations.
    • Serving as a public figure for the organization.
    • Advocating for the organization.
    • Documenting policies and decisions to create an organizational memory.

Please send out a resume and cover letter to Eden Fauré (eden@mnhomelesscoalition.org) if you are interested in becoming a Board Director for the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. Accepting applications through October 25, 2017.


Senta Leff, Executive Director | Email: Senta (at) mnhomelesscoalition (dot) org


Senta Leff has more than a decade of experience working across sectors to create opportunities for people in poverty to achieve their potential. She has worked most recently as program developer for the Family Supportive Housing Services division at the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. Senta served on the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless board of directors from 2011-2015 and is a board member of the Family Housing Fund. Senta holds a degree in Women’s Studies from Mills College and has traveled independently to over 30 countries, mostly in the developing world. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, two daughters, and step-son.


Eden Fauré, Administrative Assistant | Email: Eden (at) mnhomelesscoalition (dot) org

1916964_423958167813224_8967916568320342734_nAfter graduating from St. Olaf College in May of 2017, Eden joined the MCH team as an Administrative Assistant. She holds a degree in political science and Asian studies and is passionate about the way law and policy connect to create sustainable and tangible change for varying communities. She is excited to join MCH in working toward creating affordable housing and economic security for a greater number of Minnesotans.
When not working, Eden enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her friends. Eden lives in St. Paul, MN.


Fatima Moore, Public Policy Director | Email: Fatima (at) mnhomelesscoalition (dot) org

fatimaFatima recently joined Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless as the Director of Public Policy.  Previously, she served as the Local and Regional Policy Coordinator at Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD). While at MCCD, she helped inform and craft policies with local, state and federal policymakers on affordable housing and economic development issues. Social justice is her personal and professional passion, and she sees community building as one of the ways she contributes to society. Fatima found her passion for connecting communities with policies that positively impacts them while participating in the Capitol Pathways Internship program, a program that connects students of color with professionals and lawmakers at the Minnesota Legislature. As a first-generation immigrant, she has learned to navigate many systems and believes deeply in a community. Fatima is well in tuned to the collaboration, support, empowerment, and advocacy that needs to happen in order to achieve good policy. She brings a social work and policy background to MCH and has a clear grasp of the systems perspective. Fatima lives with her partner, two daughters and a dog on the East Side of Saint Paul. During her down time, Fatima teaches fitness classes, enjoys spending time with her family, neighbors, and friends and sneaking away for a good read.

Kirsten Rokke, Communications Director | Email: Kirsten (at) mnhomelesscoalition (dot) org

Kirsten Headshot

Kirsten joined the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless as a savvy social media intern in January 2014, and was hired full-time in May of 2014. Kirsten moved into new roles as a Social Media Manager and a Northwest Regional Organizer until June of 2016, when she moved to the twin cities to finish her master’s degree. After her move to the cities, Kirsten developed a passion for communication work. She holds her Master’s in Advocacy and Political Leadership from Metropolitan State University. Kirsten is one of two MCH staff who are Qualified Administrators in the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) tool, and she currently serves as a communications co-chair of the Homes for All campaign. In her free time, Kirsten enjoys being with friends, her nieces, and traveling with a flexible itinerary. She lives in Minneapolis.

Matt Traynor, Director of Organizing | Email: Matt (at) mnhomelesscoalition (dot) org

Matt TraynorBefore joining the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless as our full-time director of organizing, Matt completed his degree in Youth and Family Ministry where he took a  position as a Youth Director at a church in Red Wing.  During his spare time, he was able to do some organizing around equity issues within the community and fell in love with organizing. From 2012 – 2017,  Matt worked as the Community Organizer at CHUM in Duluth.  After moving to Duluth Matt connected with others working to end homelessness and has been part of multiple successful organizing campaigns. In 2014 he received the Steve O’Neil Outstanding Organizer Award. Outside of organizing, Matt loves hanging with his family (especially his nephew), friends and spending time doing introverted things like reading, watching movies and going outside during the non-winter months.

Arianna Nason, Tribal Organizer | Email: Arianna (at) mnhomelesscoalition (dot) org

headshotArianna Nason is an Anishinaabe citizen of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and is the Tribal Organizer for the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. Outside of her job at MCH, Arianna is a community organizer and educator. Working within a collective of consultants and activists, Arianna works towards creating sustainable and thriving change led by community initiatives. She attended Hamline University for History and Conflict Management and held additional focused studies in Non-Profit Management. Arianna has also been a part of Ayni Institute’s Momentum Training, Voices for Racial Justice 2016 Community Organizing and Racial Justice Apprenticeship Class, and is a 2017-2018 Policy Fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Nick DeMaioribus, HECUA Intern | Email: Nick (at) mnhomelesscoalition (dot) org

unnamed-1 (2)

Interested in getting involved in an organization that tackles systemic and multifaceted issues, Nick is starting his second year at college interning with the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. Nick is a student at the University of Minnesota and in a program called ‘HECUA’ which stands for Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs. Unsure what he wants to do when he graduates from college, Nick is looking forward to learning about MCH and how policies influence communities in Minnesota. When Nick is not in school or working he loves traveling, guitar, martial arts, good reads, and rambling discussion.


MCH is partnering with Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership to expand our organizing capacity across the state, and ensure housing stability and economic security in Northwest/West Central Minnesota.This partnership with Marcia Otte and her staff will work to proactively identify, build and grow a base of supporters in Northwestern and West Central communities who are committed to MCH’s values and public policy priorities.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Isis Buchanan, Professional Development Team Member, Saint Paul Public Schools (President)

Cliff Morse, Mortgage Benefits Program Director, US Bank (Treasurer)

Pam Johnson, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity (Secretary)

Andrew Olsen, Senior Vice President, CFRE (External Affairs Chair)

Jennifer Weissman, President, Start Today Hennepin

Courtney Cochran, Northeast MN Organizer, Born to Thrive

Daniel Yang

Emily McGann, Regional Director of State Government Affairs, CVS Health

Lezlie Sauter, Community Services Director & Agency Planner, Lakes & Pines Community Action Council, Inc.

Jennifer Schuller Prins, Continuum of Care Coordinator, Three Rivers Community Action