2022 Policy Agenda

Thank you for your continued support on the MCH Policy Agenda during the 2022 legislative session. Below you’ll find links to our one pagers, as well as a breakdown of the policies and programs that we’ll be supporting this legislative session. 

Download the 2022 MCH Policy Agenda Here
  • Download the Shelter Capital/ESP One-Pager with additional messaging here.

The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (MCH) is comprised of over 70 member organizations throughout the state. We are a nonpartisan organization supporting state policy that promotes housing stability and economic security across Minnesota. The 2022 Policy Agenda is an holistic approach supporting legislation that provides resources to people experiencing homelessness throughout the entirety of their journey to find a permanent home.

2022 MCH Agenda: 
  • $100M Shelter Capital – Investment to preserve and expand homeless shelters across the state
  • Task Force on Shelter – Support for the Task Force on Shelter
  • $95M Emergency Services Program – Investment to strengthen the Emergency Services Program
  • $9M Transitional Housing Program – Investment to strengthen the Transitional Housing Program
  • $500M Bonds for Homes – Investment to develop affordable homes and rehabilitate public housing
    • H.F. 3244 – Bill for Housing Infrastructure and General Obligation bonds

Click here or read below for full descriptions of the MCH agenda items, and click here for MCH’s 2022 Policy Agenda Breakdown video

Whether an individual or family is experiencing homelessness or transitioning into permanent housing, MCH works to ensure the safety and dignity of every Minnesotan on their journey to find home.

$100 Million in Shelter Capital Resources

MCH has identified over $100 Million in shelter capital needs throughout Minnesota that will create or preserve over 2,000 shelter beds. MCH is also advocating to create Shelter Infrastructure Bonds (SIBs) that will provide the funds to expand, preserve, and rehabilitate shelter beds to create temporary housing for people experiencing homelessness.

MCH knows that funding the preservation and construction of shelter is key to providing safe and dignified spaces for people experiencing homelessness all across Minnesota. Shelter models that are culturally specific, serve the LGBTQ community, and are low-barrier are needed to address gaps in the shelter system.

Task Force on Shelter

The Task Force on Shelter is made up of community leaders, including people who have experienced homelessness, and other stakeholders. The Task Force was established to develop recommendations to strengthen the shelter system and provide services to people in need.

MCH supports the Task Force on Shelter to lift up the voices of people with lived experience and center them in decision-making.

$95 Million over the next 3 years for the Emergency Services Program

The Emergency Services Program allows organizations and local communities to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness by providing funding that supports the operations, staffing, and resources to support families, individuals, and seniors.

MCH knows additional funding to ESP will have an impact statewide and empower communities to find creative, flexible solutions that address homelessness.

$9 Million for the Transitional Housing Program

The Transitional Housing Program funds temporary housing and support services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness as they prepare to transition to long-term housing stability. Due to the lack of affordable housing available in Minnesota, we also propose extending the time limit of support from 24 to 36 months.

MCH believes that extending the time limits on the Transitional Housing Program will allow people experiencing homelessness to establish stability, attain resources, and find a permanent and dignified home.

$500 Million in Bonds for Homes

Housing Infrastructure Bonds ($400M) to develop affordable homes and General Obligation Bonds ($100M) for public housing rehabilitation will create and expand housing options, cultivate long-term stability, and guarantee that everyone in our community has a permanent place to call home.

MCH knows that shelter saves lives and housing ends homelessness. Because of this, the rehabilitation of public housing and the construction of more affordable homes is critical to ending homelessness in Minnesota.

  • H.F. 3244 – Bill for Housing Infrastructure and General Obligation bonds
Download the 2022 MCH Policy Agenda Here
MCH Policy Agenda Breakdown
Click here to watch our 2022 MCH Policy Agenda Breakdown. Additionally, you can find new 2022 Weekly Legislative Update videos every Friday afternoon by visiting the official Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless YouTube page.


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