Homeless Day on the Hill

Our 2022 Virtual Homeless Day(s) on the Hill will took place March 09 – March 11, 2022. The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless held a program and press conference, both featuring several incredible guests speakers, facilitated over 150 meetings with lawmakers and advocates, and took part in two hearings in the House and Senate regarding homelessness.

Day on the Hill 2022 Wrap-Up:

Program: Hope & Abundance
The solutions lie in our communities, within our BIPOC communities, with people with lived experience. Minnesota has abundant resources and we need to use these resources in order to fund the programs and policies that communities know works in the effort to end homelessness. We need to lean into community-led, person-first solutions if we want to end homelessness in Minnesota, and we need to do it now. Our Program tied into our 2022 Policy Agenda. Watch the recording of our 2022 Program below:

Press Conference: 
Realize the Potential – Historic Surplus, Historic Responsibility
At our press conference, the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless focused on the historic surplus announced by the Minnesota Department of Revenue earlier this year. This surplus presents an equally historic opportunity to invest in solutions to end homelessness in Minnesota. These solutions must come from the people on the ground– people experiencing homelessness, direct support providers and advocates. Watch the recording of our 2022 Press Conference below:

MCH’s Advocacy Toolkit has everything you need to be a successful advocate (virtual or in-person). Click here and check back often because we update it regularly.

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