2016 Legislative Agenda

The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless advances policies to promote housing stability, economic opportunity, and racial equity throughout the state. 

  1. Homes for All (Endorse the campaign)

Invest $130 million in bonds for housing.

Develop or preserve an estimated 4,100 units of housing for Minnesotans experiencing homelessness and low-income households.

  1. Prosperity for All

Increase MFIP cash assistance by $100 per month. (SF734, HF869)

The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) provides work support and temporary cash assistance for children and their parents who are striving toward full-time employment. MFIP cash assistance for a family of three is a maximum $532 per month.

Improve the Working Family Credit. 

The Working Family Credit is a part of our tax code that provides a tax credit for working people with lower incomes, which helps them meet basic needs and support their families. MCH supports the proposal to increase the amount of the tax credit, expand eligibility, and include younger workers.

  1. Restore the Vote

      Restore voting rights for ex-offenders. (SF355, HF342)

Minnesotans with criminal backgrounds face barriers to housing, employment, and civic participation. Proposed legislation will reinstate voting rights for ex-offenders on probation or parole.


Contact: Dan Kitzberger, Policy Director, dan@mnhomelesscoalition.org

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