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Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless

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Laura Kadwell, Statewide Director

Heading Home Minnesota Community Leaders Council

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December 1, 2011


$867 Million Surplus – Homeless Advocates Call for Restoring Lost Funding

St. Paul – Approximately $5 million in state funding was lost in 2012-2013 for homeless families and individuals. Given the unexpected surplus of $867 million, the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless – an organization that represents over 150 nonprofit service providers across the state – and the Heading Home Minnesota Community Leaders Council urge lawmakers to assist Minnesotans who have been hardest hit by the economic collapse.

The need for services is at an all time high. Homeless shelters have been over capacity for months, in every corner of the state. Each night, hundreds of children and adults are turned away from full shelters. Nonprofits and charities have been struggling to meet record need with fewer resources.

Liz Kuoppala, Executive Director of the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless stated, “Restoring this funding would be a drop in the bucket for the state budget, but would mean everything to a family who could stay in supportive housing instead of returning to live in a car.”

Laura Kadwell, Statewide Director of the Heading Home Minnesota Community Leaders Council added: “Families, children, and veterans who have been homeless need these housing and services dollars to secure and maintain housing.  Housing stability promotes the healthy development of children and avoids spending for crisis services such as emergency rooms, jails, detox and shelter.”

In addition to the reduction of state funding, homeless programs in Minnesota lost $23.5 million in stimulus funding which helped protect Minnesota from catastrophic homelessness during the recession. This federal funding was discontinued on September 30, 2011 and is already resulting in a marked increase in homelessness.


The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless is a nonprofit organization that works advocates for policy solutions and resources to end homelessness in Minnesota. The Coalition has over 150 direct service members located throughout the state.

The Heading Home Minnesota Community Leaders Council includes leaders of philanthropic, business, faith, civic, nonprofit, and public organizations who support the work to prevent and end homelessness throughout the state.