About the Campaign

Let’s make 2012 the year Minnesota resolves to end homelessness.

Advocates for the homeless are embarking on a year-long campaign to engage Minnesotans from every walk of life, from every county, every city, in pledging to do their part to end homelessness. We know we cannot end homelessness in one year, but we can significantly move public will. The campaign will be kicked off in early 2012, utilizing a strong social media component, and followed by earned and paid media throughout the year.

Please record a 30-second Resolution video and email to videos@mnhomelesscoalition.org

How to Participate in the Campaign

Will you resolve to do your part to end Homelessness in Minnesota?

Here’s how it works: record a video that includes the words – resolve to address homelessness by – with your personal message. Email the video clip to videos@mnhomelesscoalition.org and we will share the videos here and through other social media outlets.

Instructions and Tips:

  1. Please keep videos to one minute or less.
  2. Clear sound is crucial – please record in an environment without background noise.
  3. Be aware of backlight – if you’re in front of a bright window, it will be hard to see you.
  4. Title your video – consider using your city/region or resolution theme.
  5. Please consider resolving to take action that will truly help to end homelessness. Think about where you have influence and expertise.
  6. Email your video to videos@mnhomelesscoalition.org.

Thank you for your commitment to ending homelessness!

Sample Resolutions

  • As an elected official, I resolve to analyze every budget decision to make sure it doesn’t lead to increased homelessness.
  • I resolve to schedule one public hearing at a homeless shelter to educate our city council about homelessness.
  • I resolve to use social media to share updates from the homeless advocacy community.
  • I resolve to have my business contribute volunteers and financial resources to build and sustain housing.
  • I resolve to open my house as a host home for homeless youth.
  • I resolve to give my employees the option to participate in employee giving.
  • I resolve to deliver a sermon/lecture/paper on homelessness.
  • I resolve to dedicate a percentage of my rental units to housing people who are transitioning out of homelessness.
  • I resolve to host a brown bag lunch for my employees and have a guest presenter speak about homelessness.
  • I resolve to raise $1,000 for homeless advocacy and/or my local homeless program.
  • I resolve to greet warmly every homeless person I meet.
  • I resolve to meet with my legislators to share facts about homelessness.
  • I resolve to have my organization sponsor an essay contest on homelessness.
  • I resolve to visit my local homeless program to learn more about the issue.
  • I resolve to sponsor one family transitioning out of homelessness by helping to stock their apartment with kitchen and bathroom necessities.
  • I resolve to volunteer on one Habitat for Humanity house.
  • I resolve to mentor/tutor a homeless child.
  • I resolve to include people experiencing homelessness in my daily prayers.
  • I resolve to have my students do a book/research report on homelessness.
  • I resolve to provide a free taxi ride to a homeless person who needs a ride to shelter.
  • I resolve to provide pro bono legal assistance to a homeless family.
  • I resolve to volunteer at a Project Homeless Connect or Operation Community Connect event.
  • I resolve to hire a homeless veteran.
  • I resolve to donate fresh fruits or vegetables from my garden to a homeless program/person.
  • I resolve to donate food from my farm to somebody transitioning out of homelessness to stock their refrigerator/freezer.
  • I resolve to offer a free haircut to a homeless person at my salon.
  • I resolve to make our next company party be a volunteer event or fundraiser to help end homelessness.
  • I resolve to listen to the facts without preconception.
  • I resolve to learn how I can make a difference.